Upcycled Tote Bag: Gunmetal Gray

The Details

The Upcycled Tote Bag is the perfect companion for errands or a day outing. A stunning piece to inspire others to recycle single-use plastic and support upcycled products. 
Handwoven from single-use plastic bags, these baskets were designed from upcycled single-use plastic bags, which were outlawed in Kenya in 2017. 





Materials + Makers

The sturdy upcycled plastic material used in these baskets is from the single-use plastic bags. Kenya has outlawed single-use plastic bags in 2017, but our weavers are working hard to upcycle the single-use plastic left by hand weaving them into totes. Upcycling repurposes old materials while maintaining original characteristics, our makers took the single-use plastic bags and designed beautiful patterns for these totes.  Our makers are a team which are paid premium-wage, above-market compensation to the weavers who make each and every one by hand.

Size Information

Measurements(may vary)