Mini-Bella Bucket Bag: Cowhide

The Details

The Baby Bella Bucket Bag is designed to be the perfect tag along for any occasion. Take it alongside you to countryside wine tastings or down busy city street strolls— the Baby Bella Bucket Bag with a Detachable Strap is the perfect sized for any getaway. Featuring a long, adjustable crossbody strap, you’re able to carry it wherever life takes you next. Made out of Kenyan leather, this bag is bound to add a little flair to your weekend getaway, wherever you go. 

Materials + Makers

These bags are made in Kenya out of East African cowhide which is considered to be amongst the softest and most luxurious leathers. Our factories are relatively small, so we are fortunate enough to know the people behind the hands that created your purchase. Our largest factory has a workforce composed of approximately 75% women. 


Size Information

Diameter: ” (Around base)

Height: ”