Heli Crosspack: Navy Baoulé

The Details

Named by Marie Claire Magazine as a‘one-of-a-kind’, unique Fanny Packthat ‘you won’t find anywhere else’,  the Heli Crosspack is made for those who want to pack light, but still keep everything on hand with easy access. 


This versatile bag can accommodate all your needs from functioning as a crossbody, fanny pack, or you can even remove the strap and use it as a clutch. Made from cowhide leather, this bag is sturdy and will hold up wherever life takes you for years to come. You’re able to keep your valuables close and handy to grab anything you need, anytime you need it. No more with only getting fashion over function— now you can have both. 


TIP:For smaller waists, extend strap to maximum length and wrap-around waist twice, adjusting as needed.

Materials + Makers

These bags are made in Kenya out of East African cowhide which is considered to be amongst the softest and most luxurious leathers. Our factories are relatively small, so we are fortunate enough to know the people behind the hands that created your purchase. Our largest factory has a workforce composed of approximately 75% women. 


The fabric is Ivorian Baoulé, normally used for making ceremonial gowns and formal tunic shirts. It was once used as a currency across West Africa and as dowry gifts due to the value acquired by the intricate weaving process; today we are repurposing this truly authentic African fabric by integrating them with our bags

Size Information

Length: 7.5”

Height: 5.5”

Width: 2.25”