London Purse

The Details

This everyday purse, inspired by a classic British satchel is built to carry the small necessities and can easily transition from daytime to date night by utilizing the detachable strap to change up the look as you please. Versatile and perfectly sized to carry around day-to-day, this purse also features a magnetic buckle fastening closure with a flap front as well as a zipped interior pocket across the center to secure your smallest valuables. 


The London Purse is the ultimate expression of the lifestyle of a global citizen. Made from Kenyan leather and highlights handwoven Ivorian Baoulé fabric on the front to make this a show stopping, conversation-starting purse you’ll love carrying around each day. 

Materials + Makers

These bags are made in Kenya out of East African cowhide which is considered to be amongst the softest and most luxurious leathers. Our factories are relatively small, so we are fortunate enough to know the people behind the hands that created your purchase. Our largest factory has a workforce composed of approximately 75% women. 


The fabric is Ivorian Baoulé, normally used for making ceremonial gowns and formal tunic shirts. It was once used as a currency across West Africa and as dowry gifts due to the value acquired by the intricate weaving process; today we are repurposing this truly authentic African fabric by integrating them with our bags.

Size Information

Length: 9.5”

Height: 7.5”

Width: Expands to 4”