Kenya Tote

The Details

Beautifully lined with canvas and made with thick black leather straps, this handcrafted, full-grain leather tote will become an every day staple. A departure from the traditionally known bright hues of African fashion, yet mirrored by the earthy tones of the landscapes and scenery of the continent, this tote seamlessly coordinates with any outfit  or setting while being an emblem of longevity, stability and luxury draped over your shoulder.


The 4” width provides ample base room while maintaining a sleek side angle.


Materials + Makers

These bags are made in Kenya out of East African Full-Grain leather which is considered to be amongst the softest and most luxurious leathers. Our factories are relatively small, so we are fortunate enough to know the people behind the hands that created your purchase. Our largest factory has a workforce composed of approximately 75% women. 


Solid Brass zipper and fixtures. 

Size Information

Height: 16.5”

Length: 17”

Depth: 5”



Smoky Gray