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Medium Handwoven Sisal Basket: Eunice in Green Earth

Medium Handwoven Sisal Basket: Eunice in Green Earth


Whether for a tranquil home decor accessory or room organization pal, meet an eco-friendly basket that can help you tidy things up in as many ways as your mind can imagine. Cover unsightly plant pots, drop shoes in them by the door, hide spare rolls of toilet paper, put toys away quickly before guests come over or turn your living room 'garbage' into decoration. 

This style of basket can become part of the fabric of a bohemian-inspired aesthetic in any room or balance out clean-cut, modern looks by balancing out the effect of sharp angles or monochromatic color schemes by adding a small touch of color and softness.

These baskets mark the start of our partnership with groups working to conserve ecologically threatened regions in Kenya.

Through the creation of reliable alternative streams of income, nearly 100,000 people living across 500,000 acres of at-risk Kenyan forest no longer have to engage in environmentally destructive means to earn a living. 

The implementation of the United Nations'  REDD+ model means that conflicts over land are reduced and for people living around protected areas, it creates an asset of their forest and biodiversity, allowing it to be monetized.

 Approx. 9" Height x 10.5" Diameter.