Mini Wave Basket: Cocoa Diamond

The Details

The perfect catch-all to house all those items that just don’t quite have a place. A great way to organize your home without compromising your personal style. The Mini-Wave Basket is perfect for storing stationery, electronics, toiletries, or any other items that just don’t seem to fit anywhere else. A stunning piece to keep out in the open to give personality to your space in a subtle, and polished way. Handwoven from the elephant grass plant, these baskets will perk-up your bathroom, bedroom, office, kitchen and outdoor spaces while hiding that pile of necessary but difficult to organize items.


Materials + Makers

The sturdy straw material used in these baskets is from the Elephant Grass plant, which is then dried in the sun and dyed to various colors. Elephant Grass can grow up to 10ft tall and survives well in dry areas making it the perfect material to weave! Our makers are a team which are paid premium-wage, above-market compensation to the weavers who make each and every one of these baskets by hand.

Size Information

Measurements(may vary)
Top diameter 10"-13"
Interior diameter 5"-8"
Height 6"-7"

Cocoa Diamond I
Cocoa Diamond II