The chilly season has begun! Living rooms, bedrooms, and dining rooms have all been doing double (or triple?) duty as game rooms, classrooms and home offices. Now that we're getting ready to head into a winter spending even more time inside, now is the perfect time to start reorganizing your space. 
With our At Home collection, you can grab the perfect essentials to make your home both cozy and tidy. Who said getting organized had to be all plastic boxes and bins?
Our Home collection has evolved into a myriad of ethically-crafted pieces, thoughtfully curated, made, or designed by us to help make your physical space an emblem of calm, serenity and connectedness.
Here are a few ways for you to enjoy your space even a little more this season...


Mini Wave Basket

A subtle conversation piece that can be used for organizing inside and outside of the home.
- The home office and classroom stationery can stay in common living areas hidden in this design-centric basket.
Home office organization stylish home decor basket
- Time to bring those plants inside. You know the ones.
Home decor plant baskets
- Enjoy looking at rolls of spare toilet paper in your bathroom? Didn't think so. (How did 2020 make this such a thing?)
Home Decor baskets bathroom storage organizationHome Decor baskets bathroom storage organization


(More than a) Laundry Basket

 Easily carry heavy loads with thick, sturdy leather handles. Warm up and soften any room with these hand-created patterns all the way from Ghana, West Africa.


- When we said we'd decorate the playroom, we didn't say it wouldn't match the rest of the house. Great for use in nurseries.

Home Decor baskets bathroom storage organization


- Store blankets for cozy movie nights on the sofa or for chilly evening backyard soireés .

Home storage baskets  


- Be Guest room ready and keep a set of extra beddings and pillows handy in this basket. 




Guinean Raw Cotton Mudcloth

West African Mudcloth does not only hail from Mali. Popular in the region, this is an organically grown, hand-spun and hand-dyed black mudcloth textile from Guinea. Each piece is one-of-a-kind, produced by women in informal cooperatives alongside of other traditional styles of textile weaving and production. 

This piece could be used as a rug, chair throw or simply hung as wall decoration. The simple black and white color palette is sure to complement any room. Must be cleaned on a delicate, very cold wash or dry clean. 


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November 09, 2020 — Isaiah Stewart

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