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Each piece from our collection is a testament to the rich heritage and skilled artistry of African craftsmanship.

Handcrafted Bags + Home Accessories

Made in Africa. Made for a Reason. Made for You.

Carefully hand-selected, artisanal leather goods that re-define quality, luxury and responsibility.

Our most special gift box yet

Raise a Toast

Your gift-giving made easy while keeping it curated.

Includes a custom Glass, Leather Bottle Tote and a set of 6 Water-Resistant Leather Coasters - all packaged beautifully so there’s nothing else you need to do.

You’re also welcome to include a free custom note to your recipient at checkout.

November: The heli crosspack

A story of west African history

One of our bags that showcase cultural identity of past and present through textile - bringing even more people into our chain of impact.

November Bag of the month


A versatile Leather Belt Bag that quickly extends into your new favorite Crossbody Bag.

The Heli Crosspack

Black x Liberian Country Cloth

A Sarep + Rose bestselling classic. With cotton grown, dyed and woven in Liberia.



Each with a custom, unique piece crafted by master weavers on handmade looms and stories behind every pattern and hue.

Our story

Reimagining Made in Africa

Sarep + Rose is a lifestyle brand focused on merging style & function with social impact.

We work with people outside of traditional channels of opportunity and economic inclusion using highly resilient materials that are made to last for years to come. 

Our materials + Makers

From hand-selecting the best local materials and time-tested techniques to directly sourcing one-of-a-kind textiles - read more about what matters most.

The people and places behind every product we make.

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Meet Robin Sirleaf

“My entire mission is to change the narrative around what people think of African people, places, and things.”