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With designs created in the heart of New York by Liberian Founder Robin Sirleaf and leather sourced, cut and sewn in Africa, our bags honor their heritage from ideation to creation, embodying a distinctive hybrid modernity.  

A bright juxtaposition of African materials and craftsmanship with western design and functionality, our bags aim to fuse two still-separate worlds, making a positive social and economic impact on Pan African society while upholding its primordial beauty and supporting generations for self-taught artisans. Each design in the Sarep & Rose collections is a reflection of Sirleaf – her aspirations for a united Africa, and her personal lifelong journey as a Liberian reconnecting with her roots.

It’s About Africa.

Having visited Africa many times throughout her life and feeling a longing to reconnect with her roots, Sirleaf questioned how she could bridge the gap between her life in London and her heart in Liberia. A trip to her homeland led her to a deep desire to create beautiful things – she designed her first iconic drawstring bag, presented it to a group of artisans who though usually didn’t work with textiles agreed to create her purse, and the rest was history.

Sirleaf’s focus in the production of her bags is employing people directly. She dreams of offering the African workforce, one with formidable skill and work ethic, the prospect and space to create appreciated items that are crafted bottom to top in Africa. Sirleaf’s vision is to grow a Pan African brand that stands for unity. Sarep & Rose is her own contribution to generating honest and sustainable job opportunities for local artisans, supporting Africa’s economic growth and education and forging a new path into the future.