In the United States, Black-Owned businesses have - and still continue to - experience things like boycotts, arson attacks, strategic and intentional exclusion from opportunities and geographic locations,  just to name a few. 

To toast a cheers to Black History Month 2023, I’d love to share with you just a few of our favorite Black (and nearly all Women)-Owned businesses.


  • North24Home is a brand of safe, nontoxic household cleaning essentials on a mission to help families care for their homes, care for their well being, and care for their communities. Home



  • Cajou Creamery is a plant-based ice cream company based in Baltimore, MD, committed to crafting super-premium ice cream using whole superfoods, free from chemicals, artificial flavors, or fillers. Food


    • Trade St Jamco Jams aren’t just your everyday jams here. Vegan (yes, mainstream jams contain pork-derived ingredients), low-sugar but PACK a huge flavor. We love using them in marinades, cocktails and baking - without relying on added sugar to enhance the flavor. Food


    • Soul Balm Sisters “We leverage the power of African oils, butters, aromatic and therapeutic herbs, essential oils, vitamins and other natural wholesome ingredients to craft products that deliver wellness, pleasure, rest and relaxation.” Their Shower steamers are to die for. I have allergies and asthma and it doesn’t get much better than a steam shower with my Lavender and Eucalyptus Mint steamers!  Beauty 
    • Modish Decor Pillows She Provides Luxury Decorative Pillows And Candles That Symbolize Her Posh Style In Home Decor. Home


    • Peak and Valley Co is an adaptogenic supplement company, “hoping to build a better herbal trade - one with transparent sourcing, unquestionably high quality ingredients, and science-backed knowledge.” Health + Wellness 




    • The Honey Pot co is a feminine care and hygiene company. They lean on Plant-derived feminine care™ – to create products that support a happy and healthy . 
    • Health + Wellness 


    • Rozi Sweets Rozi Sweets and Savories offers African and Southern artisanal desserts, spices and sauces beautifully pre-packaged and shipped to your door. I challenge you to find a tastier, crowd-pleasing pound cake. Believe me, it’s a treat you’ll want to treat yourself to more often! Food



    • Kpelle.designs makes “jewelry for women to feel inspired, empowered, and educated on the power of embellishing themselves in culture.” Fun fact - I am half Kpelle, which is one of the largest tribes in Liberia.  Accessories 


    • Kahmune “It's my goal to ensure that ALL women have "nude" products that celebrate the diversity of the human complexion. I'm proud to be one of the few high-end labels offering a product that caters to all tones rather than just a few.” Kahmune is also one of the brands in our founding ‘Elevate’ cohort members with Stitch Fix.  Accessories


    • Lamik beauty is a vegan makeup line made with natural and organic ingredients for multicultural women. Beauty


    • Bklyn bar soap is a clean skincare + wellness brand that super focuses on Sensitive+ Eczema +Acne Prone Skin. “Our intention is to create effective natural products, crafted from the highest quality ingredients and mindfully formulated for daily use for the entire family”. Beauty


    • By amicole “Clean beauty shouldn’t be confusing, scary, or too expensive to be yours”Right now I have their lip oil and concealer on heavy rotation. Beauty
    • Breukelen polish Breukelen Polished takes pride in being a luxury nail lacquer that has the ability to bottle the love for Brooklyn and a healthy life all in one. Beauty


    • Oui The people We believe beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of our psyche. Rather than pursuing flawlessness, we aim to build efficacious products, designed thoughtfully, that help you feel great in the skin you’re already in. Beauty 


    • Harmon Polish Harmon Polish LLC is a 10-free, nontoxic, vegan nail polish brand based in Houston, TX. This is another amazing Liberian-Woman owned business!  Beauty
    • Topicals transforming the way you feel about skin through effective science-backed products and mental health advocacy. Don’t expect to be carried away with a bunch of fragrances and textures - these products are here to WORK and do what it says on the bottle!  Beauty


    • Body Complete RX  “offers a complete range of plant-based products specifically designed to meet your individual wellness needs so you can discover what it is like to look and feel your best and truly start living!” Beauty


    • Melanin Hair Care Is a natural hair care brand born out of years of demand from one of the natural hair movement’s biggest digital pioneers, Whitney White aka ‘Naptural85’. Whitney purchased our Gray Kenya Tote in 2020 and surprised us with this review video several months later. We had actually retired the style but brought it back and it has remained a bestseller! (Thanks Whitney <3)  Beauty


    • Jam and Rico is a colorful and unique jewelry line that is inspired by the Caribbean. The name is a combination of the wonderful founder Lisette’s dual heritage of Jamaica and Puerto Rico.  You will probably catch me in a pair of their earrings! Accessories
    • Freemaiden studio creates handmade jewelry that is both unique and timeless. “Fabricated with various metals, vintage, and found objects, I draw inspiration from nature, indigenous art, primitive form  and the countless humans for whom I create.” Accessories


    • CeeCees Closet nyc The sisters believe that ALL women have the right to be colorful, engaging, and be who they were meant to be on this earth despite the push to conform. Apparel + Accessories


    • Chloe Kristyn These are pieces that honor the female form through true reverence by elegantly embracing the power inherent within each of us. Chloe Kristyn  Apparel
    • Diarra Blu The majority of the pieces are produced in Dakar, Senegal and the brand’s ethos is focused on sustainability, wanderlust, tradition and algorithms. The pieces are known for being convertible, adjustable and wearable across various sizes for a prolonged lifecycle. Diarra Blu  Apparel


    • Third Crown make gender neutral everyday statement jewelry pieces. Accessories


    • Suakoko Betty is another Liberian-Woman owned business. Founder Charlene Dunbar designs and makes clothing inspired by African design. Suakoko is a district in one of our largest counties, Bong County, and named after a chief warrior in the late 1800’s / early 1900’s who’s fight for land. Apparel


    • Zouxoushoes Made in Argentina by traditional shoemakers. She “makes shoes for those who dress for themselves, the thoughtful dressers who seek pieces that are as functional as they are rousing; as fresh as they are long-lasting.” I first bought shoes from them at West Coast Craft Fair in San Francisco and like our leather handbags, these shoes have only softened over the years! Footwear
    • The Kendall Miles Is one of the brands I began following early on in my entrepreneurial journey. Kendall makes “high-quality, luxury footwear footwear” made in Italy. I have 5 pieces from them and it rivals any luxury brand you can think of! Footwear
    • Fenoel is a womenswear designer from Brooklyn, NY with a passion for travel, a love of vibrant colors, and a penchant for bold prints. This is one of my favorite clothing brands across the board and one day I aspire to own literally every piece they make! Apparel


    • Chen Burkett NY clothing collections feature rich vivid African prints framed in regal silhouettes. Apparel


    I hope you enjoy shopping and following these brands all-year round! 

    Robin xx

    February 28, 2023 — Robin Sirleaf

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