March 2023 marks 3 years since the shutdown, with a lot of us back in the office, (or at least back to cramming our days with hopping from point A to Point B) it is the perfect time to elevate your everyday, everywhere bag (you know the one). Treat yourself to a Kenya Tote this month at a reduced price - only for the month of March. 

Our Kenya Tote was one of our first all full-grain leather bags at Sarep + Rose. We realized that some of you preferred a more muted, classic choice for your everyday, everywhere bag - so we skipped integrating the handwoven traditional fabrics on this design and launched this clean-cut Tote bag. 

Fun fact: Maybe we should be embarrassed to say it now, but we had actually discontinued the Kenya tote back in 2021, until one day, we began receiving a deluge of messages asking us to bring back this tote handbag. As it happens, someone who purchased it back in 2020 happened to have a YouTube channel where she made a video on Black Owned Handbags - featuring our Kenya Tote Handbag in Smoky Gray!

This leather tote bag holds all the things you could need throughout the day. This large tote bag’s interior is beautifully lined with cotton canvas and handcrafted with two thick layers of leather stitched together to create the sturdiest straps for your shoulder.  It has a tough brass zipper that protects your goods even if it falls or simply from the elements. It measures approximately 16.5 by 17 inches with a generous depth of 5 inches at the base. So whether you’re carrying the largest laptop on the market (The MacBook 17” which measures only 15.47”) or a mini tablet, you can ALSO zip close your makeup bag, a pair of sneakers, water bottle, lunch tote, a book or two, plus all the little loose things swimming in our handbags. We received a lot of feedback from those of you with more petite frames that you wanted smaller tote bags for smaller bodies, so we launched the Slender Kenya Tote for when you prefer to travel a little lighter - so we have a work tote handbag choice for every type of commuter. It’s 13 inches wide by 15 inches high, so can fit any tablet and any laptop sized 15 inches and smaller. With a 4.5 inch depth, (only 0.5” difference) you still have a pretty generous capacity in both the original vs the slender Kenya Tote. 

Our leather is durable, water-resistant and it’s patina that will develop with use over time makes it more and more resistant to scuffs or scratches - making this the perfect bag to commute to work with, play with and throw a few groceries into on your way home.

The Kenya Tote is an easy way to elevate your wardrobe this Spring. The Cinnamon and Smoky Gray leathers mirrors earthy tones that literally match any coat or outfit, so say goodbye to stressing over changing your bag and all it’s bits and pieces because you changed your clothes (which we do like… everyday right?)   

Having our Kenya Tote as the bag of the month, during Women’s History Month was no accident. Thanks to you, we can undoubtedly say that it’s one of the best work bags for Women. We are spending this month honoring all of the strong women in our lives. We could never have this business without all of you. Our sisters, cousins, friends, entrepreneurs, and partners. We are inspired daily by all of you, and for this we are giving $50 off each Kenya Tote this month along with a free Kenya Wallet (add to cart to receive one). 

Cheers to all the ladies, you make us proud, and we honor you all daily. Happy Women’s History Month!

Love, the team at Sarep + Rose. 

March 24, 2023 — Katie Carazo
Tags: leather

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