At Sarep + Rose, our leather is purchased from East African cattle farmers. Our leather is sustainably sourced due to it being a byproduct of the cattle industry. The tanneries we work with purchase the hides from local cattle farmers who were burying the hides. 
Cattle herding has been the primary and usually only source of income for people in these areas and usually the hides are buried underground to dispose of it. Now, communities dependent on farming can help offset economic hardships from other reasons by selling their ‘waste’ to tanneries which helps them with losses due to climate change (especially droughts).
Leather is an incredibly durable material and when used to make quality items (like ours!) it will last for years. Since our leather is a byproduct of the East African beef industry we are ensuring no part of the animal goes to waste. These animals were raised as they normally would be by their farmers. These small town farmers also benefit from the supplemental income from the tanneries, especially as droughts can hurt their herds. 
At Sarep + Rose, totes like our Cow Hair tote, highlight the beauty of these animals, along with their importance to the Kenyan economy. Cow markings make the pattern as unique as a fingerprint, making every tote unique. 
By purchasing our leather from cattle herders, we are continuing to focus on our goal of generating honest and sustainable job opportunities for employees, businesses, and artisans across the African continent. 
Made in Africa. Made for a Reason. Made for You.
April 27, 2023 — Katie Carazo

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