Summertime is here babe, it's time to find the perfect tote bag that combines style, versatility, and functionality. We've curated a list of our top five totes that will elevate your summer fashion game. Discover the ideal companion for your sunny adventures wherever they take you.

Robin Tote: A Reinvented Classic

The Robin Tote is a timeless piece that embraces the essence of a classic cut tote bag. With its spacious interior and zip top enclosure, this large tote keeps your belongings secure and organized. The addition of two interior slip pockets and a zippered pocket ensures easy access to your essentials. Whether you're heading to the vineyards or the office, the Robin Tote is a reliable and stylish choice that never goes out of fashion.


Sara Mini Tote Bag: Vibrant Colors and Textured Elegance

For those seeking a mini tote with a pop of color, the Sara Mini Tote Bag is an excellent choice. Available in an array of solid block colors, this handcrafted bag features subtle textures that mirror the captivating landscapes of the African continent. Made from luxurious full-grain leather, it exudes sophistication and charm. The detachable long, adjustable crossbody strap provides the convenience of hands-free carrying, making it an ideal companion for your summer adventures.

Mini-Bella Bucket Bag: Petite and Chic

If you prefer a smaller tote bag that doesn't compromise on style, the Mini-Bella Bucket Bag is a perfect match. Crafted with cowhide and featuring a drawstring pull closure, this mini tote bag adds an unique touch to any outfit. The detachable crossbody strap offers versatility, allowing you to go from day to night effortlessly. From sunny outings to evening bonfires, the Mini-Bella Bucket Bag is the perfect tag-along accessory for any occasion.

Mini Scrunchie Bag: Surprisingly Spacious

mini leather tote bag

Don't be fooled by its compact size—the Mini Scrunchie Bag is a testament to space optimization. Its textured full-grain leather exterior and thoughtfully designed interior make it an exceptional choice for summer. With a top handle and a detachable crossbody strap, it offers multiple carrying options. The block colors were inspired by the African continent's diverse landscapes, adding a touch of artistic beauty to this stylish accessory.

Emily Summer Tote: Handwoven Artistry

Experience the beauty of handwoven craftsmanship with the Emily Summer Tote. Structured and sophisticated, this tote features a detachable strap and an interior open pocket with a full brass zip top closure. The standout feature is the handwoven West African Baoulé fabric sourced from female entrepreneurs. By carrying the Emily Summer Tote, you not only make a fashion statement but also support empowerment and cultural preservation.

handcrafted tote bag

As summer unfolds, choose a tote bag that effortlessly blends style and functionality. Whether you opt for the reinvented classic of the Robin Tote, the vibrant elegance of the Sara Mini Tote Bag, the petite charm of the Mini-Bella Bucket Bag, the surprising spaciousness of the Mini Scrunchie Bag, or the handwoven artistry of the Emily Summer Tote, these top five totes offer the perfect companion for your summer adventures. Embrace the season with confidence, knowing that you've found a bag that complements your summer style.

June 21, 2023 — Katie Carazo

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