Large Laundry Storage Basket: Pyramid Monochrome IV

The Details

Handwoven, hand-dyed basket. 
Easily carry heavy loads with thick, sturdy leather handles. 
Warm up and soften any room with these hand-created patterns all the way from Ghana, West Africa. 


  • Stylishly conceal piles of laundry + dirty towels'
  • Kid's toys all over the place? Hide them all in here for a tidy bedroom. Great for use in nurseries.
  • Store blankets for cozy movie nights on the sofa or for chilly evening backyard soireés
  • Exercising at home? Store the yoga mat and weights in the corner without cluttering your living or bedroom
  • Be Guest room ready: Keep a set of extra beddings and pillows handy in this basket
  • Accent or brighten up any room



Materials + Makers

The sturdy straw material used in these baskets is from the Elephant Grass plant, which is then dried in the sun and dyed to various colors. Elephant Grass can grow up to 10ft tall and survives well in dry areas making it the perfect material to weave! Our makers are a team which are paid premium-wage, above-market compensation to the weavers who make each and every one of these baskets by hand.

Size Information

Measurements (may vary slightly)


Diameter: 20 - 21" 
Height: 20 - 21"
Handle Height: 11"



Diameter: 18" 
Height: 19"
Handle Height: 11"



Diameter: 15" 
Height: 19"
Handle Height: 9.5"